Welcome To Gnomewood Alpaca and Small Animal Farm

Gnomewood Farm prized Alpaca yarn

Home of Award Winning Alpacas

Gnomewood Farm is located in Covington Louisiana just north of New Orleans and home to 23 Huacaya alpacas. It is the oldest alpaca farm in Louisiana. Our award-winning  alpacas are gentle animals that live in a family type environment.  Huacaya alpacas are known for their soft cashmere like fleece. Unlike sheep’s wool, alpaca fleece is both softer and warmer. Our alpacas are sheared yearly in early April. Each alpaca has its own unique color from white to gray to brown.

Fleece from our alpacas is sold on site and is available from raw fleece to spun yarn. Our alpaca fleece products are reasonably priced and are of the highest quality.

Meet our Pygmy Goats

Our four pygmy goats are best of show winners and are now retired. Show animals must be retired after winning 3 shows. We love our animals and have given them their own “retirement” home.

Miniature Pot Belly Pigs

Our five pot belly pigs are gentle and lovable animals. Twice a year our two females give birth to a litter in Spring and Fall. This year we are again expecting a litter by the end of March and will have piglets available by the end of April. Contact us if you are interested.